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1) 輸入優惠碼 FPS95,以FPS付款即享全單95折優惠


詳細使用方式及條款細則請參閱How to Shop

Enter coupon code FPS 95 to enjoy 5% off for order with payment by FPS.

Only be used on DIRECT PURCHASE ITEMS and LIMITED TIME OFFER ITEMS (AUCTION ITEMS and FPS ONLY ITEMS are excluded), cannot be used on shipping fee

Please refer to How to Shop for more details

2) IG會不定期有指定優惠,記得follow **

3) Eco Ring已經於2023年6月12日取得貴金屬及寶石交易商註冊制度中的A類註冊 (註冊號碼:A-B-23-06-00433)。
Eco Ring has been granted for the Category A registration under Dealers in Precious Metals and Stones Registration System (Registration No.: A-B-23-06-00433).